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The CopConnect platform is on a mission to provide help to every cybercrime victim in the world with a unique ecosystem of subject matter experts and reduce the level of cybercrimes in the country. 

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The CopConnect Ecosystem brings four different streams of diverse professionals to support a cybercrime victim from every aspect. A Cyber Psychologist for supporting mental health, A Technical Expert to assist with your online issues, A Cybercrime Lawyer to give legal advise, and a First Responder to support you in connecting with right resources, including the local law enforcement.

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We know that sensitive cybercrime challenges may need one-to-one interaction. Which is why CopConnect allows you to book an in-person appointment with an expert at CopConnect Cafe’s nearest to your location. 

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How can CopConnect help you?

OTP / UPI Frauds

Lost money from scammers due to OTP or UPI frauds online? Do not worry - we have your back! It is still possible to recover your money and undo the damage if you act fast. Contact us now!

Online Blackmail

Do not live in fear and succumb to demand of blackmailers. No matter how serious you believe the situation is, you can get help and prevent leaking of your private pictures or videos. Your privacy and name will be fully protected.

Malware / Mobile Spyware

Suspect someone has hacked your mobile phone and spying on you? Get help from technical experts and resolve spyware issues on your gadgets with help from our experts today.

Gaming Addiction

Your child is spending too much time on Minecraft or Roblox? Playing too many mobile games is causing academic and health issues? Reach out to cyber psychologists on CopConnect and get the right help.

Ransomware Attack

Your personal or business computers are impacted by Ransomware attacks? Connect with technical experts to support in digital forensics investigation for compliance or to protect your business from future attacks.

Cybercrime Lawyers

Get professional legal opinion on your issues from cybercrime lawyers. Find the best experts in your city to - from filing FIR to assisting you legally, the CopConnect App is your reliable resource.